I started selling shoes as a young teen at my Grandfather’s store in Waycross, Georgia and I have had a passion for shoes ever since. His store, Jacobson’s, was a typical small town department store where customers became family friends, where everyone was called by name and service to them was our top priority. While that kind of retail is rare today, it is still the way we try to run our business at Shoe Visions.

My love of shoes led me to a career where I spent almost 30 years working in wholesale for some of the best shoe companies in the world. I was lucky enough to travel to shoe factories in Italy and Spain and gain knowledge that gives us an edge in making sure that we offer the best footwear available.

Travel got the best of me and during a visit to Amelia Island my wife and I started thinking about leaving wholesale and opening our own stores. We fell in love with Amelia Island and decided this would be the perfect spot. That was in 1999 and today we still can’t imagine being anywhere else.